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My favorite Thai restaurant is a few miles from Dulles; had I known you were stranded there, I would've taken a break from S.D.Ill. briefing to bring you some crispy duck, especially now that I have an EZ-Pass to sling through the tollbooths.


Perhaps flying could be another law related thing that sucks. I just visited a law school, had to take two flights to do that - that sucked, kinda. The school was great, but the flying sucked - it was crowded, and I'm taller than the body of the little plane, and the cute girl in the same row as me listened to her headphones all flight... but I'll digress. Either way, flying 'nicely relaxed' helps! Oh, and while on international flights it's fun to "get the best" of British Airways because they're gullible enough to let you pay in €, $ or £, and you know the exchange rate.


Ted: A brilliant plan. I'll let you know if I get stranded at Dulles on the return trip.

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