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It must have been a long night of bar hopping, since you skipped from Prague Blog # 3 to Prague Blog #5 and made a reference to "reb" cabbage. I thought at first that someone might be flying the rebel flag there in Prague like I sometimes see along the rural roads here in Alabama. But those folks don't like cabbage.

Too bad you're not paying for editors anymore. Your vacation might be profiting a more local economy, too.


Dear Dad,

Mom said you are going to die if you eat all that meat. Put it down right now and find some Czech vegetables, like moravian pigeon dumplings or bierwurst with sauerkraut.



Jim: Yes, it was an extremely long night of bar-hopping. Even worse, the editor-in-chief of this weblog (that is, Andrea) isn't with me, and her ability to proofread my posts is being hampered by the seven-hour time difference. I fixed the problems you noted. Thanks for your input, but don't be surprised by lots of other typos in the next few days.


Do you like jazz? If so, you should really check out some of the jazz clubs in Prague - most of them are not far from the Old Town Square.

Or just hang around the Charles Bridge on sunset - there was usually a quartet playing when I was there (which was a pretty decent effort since it was the middle of winter and the fingers must have been frozen to the bone!)



Evan, I just got done reading another damn spy novel mostly set in Eastern Europe and the photos and descriptions make me think you're working deep cover. Who do you really work for?

I used to know a lot of Czech swear words because my mom worked in a nursing home filled with mostly 80 year old Czech immigrants when I was in high school. If I think of any, I'll let you know.


OLS: Before I left, I printed your comment to this post, where you left me some suggestions for the trip. I'm trying to do as many of those things as possible. Thanks again for the help!


Oh yeah, I'd forgotten all about that! Just goes to show that my advice doesn't change much over time... ;o)


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I already viewed all your blogs and I enjoyed viewing it.
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Acai Berry

It sounds like you had a really amazing time! I love going around like that and having a good time. Hope to hear more.

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