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Kevin Heller

Just to clarify. The EIC is not Evan nor I.

Also, I just realized that a techlawadvisor post has never made the previous incarnation of Carnival of the Lawyers becuase I was always hosting. Doh!

Evan, please include something from me this week. Please, Please.

Also, why is Blawg Review successful in getting hosts when BUTTB was not -- is it the involvement of Legal Underground or the organization skills of the EIC?


It's thanks to the organizational skills of the anonymous Editor 'n' Chef, which have been pretty amazing.

Editor 'n' Chef

Evan, please include something from me this week. Please, Please. - Kevin J. Heller

Kevin, just because you're a co-founding Contributing Editor of Blawg Review doesn't mean you don't have to submit whatever post of yours that you want Evan to include in his hosting of Blawg Review next Monday. Evan's not going to take the week off work and search the internet for the best of the blawgosphere. Everyone has to contribute their own stuff for Evan to whip into this Blawg Review.

Lawyers, law students, and law professors who blog, even federal judges, or their clerks, have to take the initiative and submit their own favorite recent posts for the Blawg Review, if they want to get in on the action. It's easy, it's fun, and it's a great opportunity to get some of Evan's quality traffic over to check out your blawg, too.

Simply follow the Submission Guidelines on www.blawgreview.com. Whenever you publish something brilliant, insightful, or hilarious on your blog, think of Blawg Review. Maybe it's something everyone should hear about. Blawg Review will send readers your way to check it out. Just email some brief information about your post and a link to Blawg Review, and the upcoming host will take it from there.

And Kevin, I don't think Evan will forget to include a self-referential link to one of his best recent posts just because he's hosting this week. I'm sure he's already excited about all the new traffic coming to read the premier issue of Blawg Review that might not have discovered the wit and wisdom of Notes from the (Legal) Underground, yet. And they'll be back, again and again, like the rest of us.

Kevin Heller

Evan's not going to take the week off work and search the internet for the best of the blawgosphere

Yes, I now realize how insane that was.

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