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Editor 'n' Chef

As to the identity of the anonymous Editor of Blawg Review it is really beyond the purpose of the project to enquire, so we will speak no more of it save to say once and for all that, to give some individuality to this personage, he is described as a character which sometimes occurs in actual society--a person who, having spent his life within the necessary duties of a technical profession, from which he has been at length emancipated, finds himself without any occupation whatever, and is apt to become the prey of ennui, until he discerns some petty subject of investigation commensurate to his talents, the study of which gives him employment in solitude; while the conscious possession of information peculiar to himself, adds to his consequence in society.


But what about that post on techlawadvisor that said you were the author of blawgreview? You would think he might know.


Anon: That's the problem. Neither Kevin nor I know who the editor is. So I suppose it could be Kevin--but I don't think it is. All I can say is that I've been corresponding with the editor by e-mail for quite awhile. In the world of the Internet, it's common to embark on serious and sustained projects with no more "interfacing" than that.

Something else I know. Based on the Editor's comment just above, he's obviously been reading way too much Henry James.


I have a hunch who "Editor 'n' Chef" is but my hunch is not based on very much. When I emailed Editor he/she signed the email with "Cheers." I don't know of that many people who do that but I do know of some.


JR: I guess it's not Scheherazade Fowler. Interestingly, her linked post, in which she says she does not like the closing "Cheers," demonstrates that lots of people must sign their e-mails like that. So your hunch might not mean much.


I have it narrowed down to three, but I'm going to take "Eds" advice and apply my energies to making the project work instead of snooping. Anyhow, kudos to Ed for not taking credit for the project. I am much more eager to help someone who doesn't want to steal the glory than I would be if I thought Ed was using me as a tool of his/her self-promotion. So, it shows that Ed is more committed to making Blawg Review work than using Blawg Review as a way to drum up business.

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