How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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The idea that law school is the "safe" alternative to business school, well, just blows my mind. I tend to think of law school *and* business school as the safe alternatives to art school. :)


Shouldn't "Losing a Wife" be talking to his wife about this? My guess is it's not the guy's money that attracts her.

I always thought of law school as a threatening, scary place--all sorts of arguing and professors who are paid to verbally browbeat you.


This the second thing I've heard today about lawyers being risk-averse. I may have to go jump off a cliff later just to prove that this stereotype isn't true.


Jen: Please don't. Or if you do, don't mention my weblog in your suicide note. It would make it difficult for me to sleep at night.

In any case, you don't think that I give advice about such serious topics each week without doing hours and hours of extensive research, do you? Sometimes, I cite my sources. Today, I didn't. That was a mistake. The material about ski-accidents came from lots of work on Nexis, including articles from a source about the ski industry that knows no equal: The Denver Post . The material about lawyers and risk aversion came from a source about lawyers and the law that also knows no equal: Crescat Sententia.

Actually, I'm not sure that I read the linked-to post, but I do remember that the question of lawyers being risk-averse was one that was floating around the blogosphere a few months ago. My correspondent, Losing My Wife in Los Angeles, seemed a perfect illustration of the type. Whether he was an actual illustration of the type or merely an author's invention, you'll have to decide for yourself. Just please decide before you jump off the cliff--which, by the way, would not prove that you were a risk-taker, but merely very stupd. I'll believe you whether or not you jump.

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