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I think you have to be thoughtful about your cobloggers politics, especially if your blog is not political and your coblogger is predisposed to blog about politics. You mention Volokh which is perhaps a good example. It is fair to assume that the other Volokh bloggers are comfortable with Prof. Bernstein's laments about Palestinians and bias against Israel, as they never contradict him. If that's the case, they probably shouldn't invite Juan Cole to guest blog, as he would likely follow Bernstein's lead and take a very different stance on the same subjects.


Wow, a comment, thanks!

I wouldn't assume that silence as a response to DB's comments manifests assent. E.g., I disagree with Norm's politics. People who know me would likely insert "vehemently."

He and I generally agree on legal issues (re: Section 1983 should be read broadly, the Commerce Clause, when used to enact criminal laws, should be construed narrowly, etc.) But I don't rarely argue against his political opinions. Does my silence mean I agree with Norm's political posts? No -- It simply means that I don't care to argue with him (or anyone else, really) about political topics.

Your point is a good one, though. If sought to be an "establishment" lawyer, or had an eye towards a nomination, then perhaps allowing someone with Norm's politics would be imprudent. But I don't seek out mainstream adulation, and thus, have the luxury (which, indeed, writing with a controversial figure is) of having a hell raiser on board.

DB at the VC is similarly controversial. Maybe the other VC bloggers simply like having him around. Some of us don't seek homogeny when choosing co-bloggers. And, I think that intrablog differences add to the fun.

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