How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Taking a pay cut in return for a more satisfying work and home life is very much worth it in my book.


Thanks for the congratulations.


Good for Ted. The best way to have a firm opinion on the ills of the law is not to actively practice it.


Ted: Ethically, can I hire you to sue Merck, now?

I tried to follow this, but got really lost.


Ignore Matt. He knows not. He just knows not.

The best way to have a firm opinion on the ills of the law is to be innocent, and then be sued or arrested for the unjust enrichment of the lawyer. The best way to know of the ills of the law is to be devastated by 100 FBI Index Felony crimes, and have something done about only 1.

Naturally, the lawyer has dealt itself absolute, airtight immunity from any accountability to innocent third parties it destroys.

The law is in utter failure, and in every subject area. The law is an utility product like electricity. If the law were electricity, it would be on 1 hour a day, on a great day.

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