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Half Sigma

Why can't someone write about this topic without littering the article with bad puns? "Lawyers have little stomache for obesity cases." "Courts are bulging with cases."

I know, you're just quoting other people's bad puns.


Something Ted Frank wrote about this had me scratching my head a bit: "If the plaintiffs' bar is really opposed to lifestyle litigation, as Schaeffer suggests, why not score some cheap political points by supporting the legislation instead of fighting it so hard? A cynic might suggest that they're trying to keep the door open for copycat litigation in case the pioneers find a jurisdiction that will let the claims proceed."

Perhaps Mr. Frank thinks that indifference translates into opposition. I doubt many trial lawyers think that there would be much validity to fraud suits against people who contend that the Earth is flat, but it doesn't quite seem necessary to pass legislation to protect the flat-Earthers (no allusion to Thomas Friedman intended). Perhaps it is a symptom of Mr. Frank's practice areas that he has a problem only with what he deems to be excessive litigation, but apparently not with unnecessary (and thus excessive) legislation and regulation.

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