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I'm just going to ask why anyone needs their phone to do all of those things. I have a perfectly respectable digital camera that also records video; I have a PDA that is devoted to nothing but keeping me organized. I have an iPod that also has all my calendar and contact information for when I don't want to lug extra devices around.

OK, so that's a lot, but I'm a girl and I carry a purse. Basically, do you NEED a phone that does your laundry? Don't you want devices that do what they are supposed to do and do it well? My worry with the all-in-one super device is that it will do everything, but it won't do any of it well.


For a man that does not carry a "man purse" it is much more convenient to have something that can do everything, even if it is not as efficient as each specific gadget item may be. However, I am speaking in theory, because my phone is a not that special and I cannot afford the PDA that I want.


If you're an actual trial attorney (oh my gosh . . . I said it, "trial attorney" run away!) in court every day, it's worthless. It has a camera. They won't even let you bring a second pair of underwear to change into after trial in federal court let alone a camera.

Your only hope is the camera-less treo 650 with bluetooth.


Tommy: Excellent point, except that some federal courts are banning cellphones too. In Newark, for example, you have to leave your cellphone with some guy that has a shack set up across from the courthouse so that you can rent a locker. It's been awhile since I was there, but the last time, I came out of the courthouse and returned to New York City without my phone, meaning that I had to cab it back there in the morning on the way to the airport. Fun.

Denise Howell

Leave the phone somewhere while you're in court, and enjoy it while you're not! The ability to capture quick bits of video anywhere is so great, you never miss a good *moment.* And once I had the K700i sending and receiving email I turned in my firm blackberry, had no use for another klunky (and much less functional) gadget. And...the folks at FeedBurner have an aggregator that works on the phone. You need it.

Staffan Malmgren

Have you considered the SE p910i? It has a slightly worse camera, is a little bulkier and is more expensive, but has lots of extra features. The larger screen is better for web browsing (Opera is bundled), the memory stick duo pro slot means you can carry up to 2 GB of data with it, word/excel compatible applications are included, and the keyboard that looks so flimsy turns out to be quite useful. I was a Palm user for seven years, but since I switched to p910i I haven't missed PalmOS at all.

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