How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Hey, Evan, why don't you give three to each of your readers. That should leave you with one left over.

Howard Bashman

Wow, you write a wonderful post about me, and months later, in honor of that post, I get rewarded with a rare and invaluable coffee mug. It's a true win-win situation.


Boy, don't I feel stupid. That's what I get for not reading your entire post. Instead of sending a mug to bashman, send him two, to reward him 2x since I independently suggested sending him a mug.

Rayne of Terror

I'll trade you one mug for one of my husband's band's cds! We have several hundred in the basement. Heck I'll trade you a box of Senor DeVivo cds for a mug. He sells them for $8 and the last two were shipped to Germany at a few dollars a pop, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind the trade. BTW I've worked the Madison County fair on behalf of State Senate candidates. That should count for something as it is darn hot in the river valley.


Evan, how about a mug for each of your past clients who have been deprived of 40% of their recovery.


Welch: I think you're onto something, although I don't necessarily agree with the premise. My past clients have all seemed pretty happy when I've sent them nothing but fat settlement checks. By adding a mug to the mix, however, they'd never be able to forget me. I'll think about it.


Evan: When you send those mugs to past clients you better make sure the word "advertisement" is conspicuously printed somewhere. You don't want Prof. Yabut coming after you.


Abnu, Mark, Mackenzie, and Nathan: Please e-mail me your mailing address. The commenter formerly known as "whomever" already e-mailed me separately with his real identity, so he's taken care of.

Once I get all these mugs out of the way, perhaps I'll send some to other commenters. I appreciate all the good suggestions!


Rayne of Terror: I can't find your e-mail on your weblog and I'd like to discuss your offer. Please e-mail me.

Michael Scaljon

i'd send one to Jim Dedman because he IS the internets.


How about sending one to Bill Frist? He's going to need lots and lots of coffee with that "filibuster of faith" event coming up.


Stuff 'em with candy (dark chocolate, preferably) and send one to everyone who has ever mentioned your blog!

Jeff Rhodes

I'm sure your mugs are gone,but if not I have a coffee house called the
Uderground coffeehose and eatery.I'd like some mugs.

MB Champagne

Please email me, I would like a mug! I have a collection. How much are they?

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