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You know you're going to get a cease and desist letter from that scumba -- er, uh, fine member of the family law bar.

P.S. I like the girl in the middle with the speech impediment.


I think Mr. J. Michael Gallagher could solve the problem of his apparent contradictions with a simple disclaimer at the bottom of his TV ad: "Warning: the models depicted in this commercial are not your friend."

Sadly, I'll bet he not only gets clients from the ad, I'll bet he sells copies of that book.

David Giacalone

Evan, I haven't had my second cup of caffeine yet today, so that might be why I can't figure out what I'm suppose to tell your readers, should they seek my input. I thought you really liked groovy audio and video websites, prom dresses, innovative marketing, etc.

I definitely can't help you with Andrea. Here's a one-line haiku from W.F. Owen that seems relevant:

another argument unfolds the futon


Maybe it's the blurry low-res nature of the ad, but as far I can tell only the one on the right is actually cute. I guess things are different under the great raincloud.

Legal Quandary

A quick Lexis search reveals that the esteemed Mr. Gallagher is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound. (Now defunct and merged into Seattle University). Undergrad at Washington & Lee.

Not that I expect you to trust me.


Just gotta get me one of those fine $30 t-shirts! Green embroidery! On black!


The best was that last line, "If you're our client, we'll take care of you," followed by a wink. Tasteless. I agree with Dylan that the one on the right is the only hot one. But, man, she looks good!

the dark goddess of replevin

Now, really. J. Michael is one of our local treasures.

He used to use a business card--I don't know if he still does--depicting a man holding up a sword and a severed head with flowing locks, plus the logo "There can only be one." (You know, the Highlander movies).

I am not making this up. I have seen the card. And the last time I was up against him in court, I whupped his ass.


It would have been interesting to see the look on his face when you handed him his head on a plate, and gave him your business card.

The Dark Goddess of Replevin - She is not your friend.


Im the girl in the middle


He's at it again - "Gallagher's Gals - Part Deux."

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