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Bonobos are just a tad too open with their sexuality to be Republicans.


In order for this scientific experiment to qualify for government funding, the apes are being taught to say, "Recognizing that Jesus Christ is Creator God, the Savior of all men, and that all things were made by him: we believe that all the facts of science are founded in him. Because of the vigorous opposition to God by evolutionism, many believers who acknowledge creation are cowed to silence by wrong interpretations of these facts in this highly technical and scientific time. We need to be assured that all the truths of scientific discovery fit the creation model of origins. It is false economy in this information rich time to plead ignorance and capitulate to the anti-god philosophy of humanism. We will, by the grace of God, seek to understand, address, and answer issues pressing upon us today by re-establishing the biblical creationist basis in the church to equip saints for ministry in the world."

David Giacalone

Haven't Republicans been cutting art and music programs (foreign language ones, too) out of public schools for years now, in order to reduce taxes? These better be private schools with non-unionized teachers.

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