How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Kevin Heller

I'm glad someone saw my attempt at April tomfoolery...


all that, and the Yankees won too! What a day!


ROFL. Thanks for making me laugh.

Prof. Yabut

This makes The Day the Music Died look like a picnic. If tears weren't welling in my eyes, I'd wonder how many plawdcasters remain extant.


Very amusing. Check out our law school humor blog. Don't worry about the title, it's a double entendre.



First Mitch Hedberg, now this disaster. We're going to be left with this blog and the unintentional comedy of Orrin Hatch's singing career for humor if we're not careful.

Craig Clark

That enrico guy deserved to die. All that talk about alternative 'value' billing could have really hurt my firm’s business model. I have kids to put through college, my yacht needs gel coating, my wife want to re-decorate and on and on. If I can't stick my clients with hefty hourly bills, I won't get to go on my 2 week European vacation.

Let's face it all these people were a threat to the current iteration of our prized hourly billing system. They were upsetting the apple cart.

The Ghost of Matt Homann

It is really hot down here.


Here are photos of those poor souls.

Douglas Sorocco

It is quite cool here - pleasant, lots of bandwidth and nobody calls me a geek. I almost feel serene -- oh my god, they killed.... them all!

Ben Cowgill

It was a study in contrasts: As the flash appeared over our heads, Matt was heard to exclaim "My God, what have we done?" while Dennis mumbled softly "My God, it's full of stars!"

~ Ben (with apologies to Hiroshima and Arthur C. Clarke).

Reid Trautz

I got to the Pearly Gates and said to St. Peter "I'm too young to die in a brain explosion." Peter checked his statistics and retorted "You should have adopted value billing sooner. According to your billing records you are 94 years old."

Where was Ron Baker when I needed him? :-)

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