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There is no such thing as "extra credit" in a curved class. At most the professor is indicating he won't automatically fail you for refusing to do it, as he might on other requirements that aren't worth enough points to fail you independently, but grade-wise it's just as "extra" as the last question on a multipart exam.

energy spatula

It might not be curved...I took a Law and Pop Culture class last quarter and it was a seminar class with no curve. Of course, we actually did have to write something substantive every week, and a 30 page paper at the end. Our professor didn't use blogging, but part of our participation credit was posting to TWEN on Westlaw, which is sort of a cross between an electronic discussion board and a blog. But we did get credit for posting, and some things were much more substantive than others.


Dylan: Here's what Professor Murphy says on the page to which I linked in the post: "Participation: Those who participate in this course in a meaningful way will be rewarded with a grade bump. There are two ways to participate . . ." (emphasis added).

Professor Murphy then goes on to describe the weblog. I translated "grade bump" as "extra credit." If this is not a correct translation, then perhaps a firestorm will erupt and this post will receive links from all over the blogosphere, and I'll end up defending myself on cable TV in a much-anticipated episode of Neil Cavuto.

Bring it on.



I can already hear how you will be introduced: "Evan Schaeffer is a trial lawyer from Madison County, IL, which has been called a judicial hellhole."


JR: Then they'll chop off my head and we'll continue with the interview.

Michael Scaljon

the suspense is terrible. i hope it lasts. Mr. Schaeffer vs. Mr. Cavuto. well, at least it's not O'Reilly.


TechLawAdvisor RULES!

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