How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Stan: Good stuff. I am planning on the public interest or small firm route so your future posts will allow me to vicariously experience a world that I otherwise probably will not experience. Thanks for your time and at least one of Evan's readers is paying attention.


Stan: The secretaries and/or paralegals you find working at the firm upon your arrival are not “good crap one receives when starting work.” They are human beings who should never be referred to as “it.”


MJB: I took Stan's choice of prepositions ("it" rather than "he" "she" or "they") as a method of emphasizing the fact that he felt himself to be in an alien environment at his new law firm, a place where he so failed to understand his surroundings that paralegals seemed to be nothing but unknowable "its."

If, on the other hand, Stand truly meant to denigrate paralegals, then we should find plenty to complain about in future installments--so please keep reading!


I liked it, and thought the "it" was cleverly used, for reasons Evan stated.

Legal Professional

As long as stan keeps using "it" to refer to people, he will probably remain alienated. Ignorance of the duties of your support people just shows how little you care. A good paralegal will make you shine but if you refer to them as "it," they're unlikely to be so inclined. Good luck with your career, stan.

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