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Eh Nonymous

Your job as an attorney is to make the law accessible to law people,

Even while assuming that "lay people" was meant, the truth is this:

Our job is sometimes to write things that can't be misinterpreted; sometimes to write things that can't be disputed; and lots of the time to write things that persuade, move, and admit of no denial.

You can't reach the judge (or the jury) or sway the other party if your words are jumbled, mumbled, or otherwise bumbled.

The greatest writers and the greatest orators can make the greatest lawyers - if they have the rest of the tools. But anyone can edit their own work, practice with it, learn how to improve it.

Also, re. the $10 words- Cf. Judge Selya of the First Circuite. He uses words that are downright hippomonstrosesquipedalian. (I can't find that word using Google, either; start with sesquipedalian, if you must, like so, and then go ahead and guess.

Eh Nonymous

Looks like it should be "hippopotomonstro- etc."

Cite is to Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure and Preposterous Words. Josefa Heifetz Byrne: a lovely, but by all available evidence enormously strange lady. I salute her.


Thanks for referring back to those earlier posts! I forgot that there were some great preparing-for-law-school tips hidden among the posts about being a real lawyer. Bramble Bush is going on my summer reading list.

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