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How we shudder at the thought of an empty slot... Do we not trust Republicans to make a mistake and nominate a centrist (as they've done, time and again...)

BTW, thank you for e-mailing me back on that IL law school question. I really appreciate the time and dedication you put in to help pre-law, law students, and your colleagues in the legal field.

I nominate Evan for the position of official spokesman of the American Bar Association (if there's such organization with such title).


Do we not trust Republicans to make a mistake and nominate a centrist (as they've done, time and again...)

Republicans in general are not picking nominees.


"Unused and Probably Unusable" is an apt summation of how her jurisprudence will be seen 20 years from now.

Eh Nonymous

Dylan: Heh.

Snarky, but heh.

Her jurisprudence, meaning taking controversies as they come and examining them in the light of their facts, will be outmoded in 20 years? Brave prediction.

I predict that it is Scalia's textualism/originalism that will be consigned to the scrapheap. He may argue that his method will triumph "due to sheer laziness"- that is, because it's so _hard_ to examine legislative history each and every time, and worry about original intent and opinions of each state or country. But in fact, it's "sheer" textualism, senseless endless limitless and pointless, which has no foundation and no reason to go on being used. Thomas' originalist textualism (or whatever we might call it) unalloyed with personal preference (sometimes) and shorn of respect for stare decisis equally has a strong chance of becoming a lasting method of judging.

Nevertheless, and notwithstanding the foregoing, heh.

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