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Editor 'n' Chef

228 - SCOTUSblog
133 - Conglomerate
111 - Blawg Review

Tom Mighell

Hey Evan -- I don't know if you consider Inter Alia a "big law-related weblog," but with 248 links, it would make #14 on your list:



Classification question: why are Althouse and Becker-Posner in but Instapundit and Marginal Revolution out?



Probably some others, but Technorati is fritzing on me.


Ted: You ask, "why are Althouse and Becker-Posner in but Instapundit and Marginal Revolution out?"

A fair question. I mentioned the categorization problem on my podcast. I don't have any great answers.

First of all, the author's profession didn't matter to me; Power Line is written by lawyers, for example, but it's more about politics than law so therefore not a "blawg."

As for Marginal Revolution, I consider it more economics-related than law-related, so it's not on the list. For the same reason, Becker-Posner shouldn't really be on the list. I guess I put Becker- Posner in because I've been critical of it in the past and I didn't want to look like I was playing favorites. But perhaps I'll remove Becker-Posner when I redo the list as a blogroll.

That leaves Instapundit and Althouse. I like both weblogs and even think of Instapundit as a weblogging model, but I don't think Glenn Reynolds embraces his law background in the same way that Ann Althouse does. This is not a criticism of Instapundit; it merely has a different aim.

Here's another way to put it. Instapundit is mostly about politics, so it's not a blawg. So it's easy to exclude. Althouse might also be excluded on the same basis, but I think her weblog isn't as exclusively about politics and is a little more about law (as well as many other subjects). But it's a close call.

As Denise Howell develops her comprehensive directory of blawgs, I wonder how these categorization questions will affect the finished product. They are really more important there, since her work will be used by many; my own small project by comparison--this post--is only going to be used for a blogroll on this weblog.


That's a pretty impressive list, with a few exceptions, of legal blogs that bore me to tears and thus I never read.

David Giacalone

Evan, Now I see why Technorati has been over-extended all day. You've touched off a Technorati-storm among your listee-wannabees.

Since I am still a podcaste pariah, I don't know if you discussed whether you're counting links or link sources.

Is f/k/a a weblaw? It has 213 links from 121 sources.


David: I'm counting link sources.

David Giacalone

Thanks, Evan. It's nice to be in the same zip code, if not the same ball park, as a lot of my idols.


I am only rarely law-related these days, so I understand if I didn't make the cut for that reason. But if I did make the cut, I'm curious about whether you searched both of my active urls: the original, civpro.blogs.com/civil_procedure, and the relatively new www.scheherazade.org . I think those who link to me split pretty evenly down the middle, and haven't any idea whether Technorati recognizes the one set of links as equivalent to the other....

(Since I couldn't really figure out how to get Technorati to perform, I couldn't ascertain this myself....)


Scheherazade: You fall into the following category mentioned in the post: "Another wrinkle is that weblogs often have more than one address that will work in technorati."

There are other problems with my list that I have not been able to correct because technorati has been unreliable the last two days. But I'll continue updating this post when it's working again until I'm sure I have a reliable list, then I'll move it to the right side of this weblog--although not necessarily with the full list of 25 weblogs or however many I end up with.


Evan, see what happens when yo make a list - everyone wants to know why they're not included! For that reason, I avoid (or at least try to) all discussions of "top" or "best" or "most popular" weblog.

Matt Homann

Evan, isn't it great when you make a list and everybody who is left out writes in to complain? Like me. 256, if you are asking. ;-)

Editor 'n' Chef

beSpacific 282

Kevin Heller

#12 is a nice place between Evan and Scheherazade.

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