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I discuss the judge's rulings on Point of Law, in my speech at AEI, and in a forthcoming publication, two of which are publicly available to anyone who wants to Google for them, and the third will be soon enough.

Either Blue or Lanier was proud enough of the Oprah remark that they repeated the strategy and its motivation to the WSJ. They thought it significant, so it's more than a "little comment." Certainly Ms. Blas remembered it well. It's substantive enough that Merck has indicated (in one interview, if not in their official press release) that they may make it an appellate issue.

Evan is too intelligent a wordsmith to not know that he's made a specious attack on my use of the phrase "just shy of jury tampering."


You can address the judge's rulings in other contexts but you are incapable of doing so here, where you instead prefer to carry on about Oprah? You'll excuse me for being unimpressed.

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