How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Good choice of music, Evan! This morning, I listened to your PodCast to de-fog my morning brain. Boy, did it work wonders listening to your energetic voice!

I'm wondering - what's your secret? I mean, how do you stay so upbeat and be on top of just about everything: this blawg, PodCast, your practice and family circus?

Your advice is greatly appreciated. This incoming 1L is in desperate need for tips to keep herself awake during and post-lectures.


Shell: Glad you liked the podcast! The secret is that it doesn't take as long to put it together as you'd think.


B.S. The secret is Evan enjoys the work he does. There seems to be some correlation between doing criminal work (pros. or def.) and doing plaintiffs' work that leads to some job satisfication. I know lots of lawyers who are made busy but still have lots of energy and are good parents.


It should be interesting to hear about something other than dirt and death [Real Property, Probate and Trust].


Comment about selection of a new Supreme Court Justice: I would prefer to have a Supreme Court Justice that was not governed by political ideology but rather legal scholarship. There are too many times when conservatives become liberal when they are appointed to the bench, and vice versa. Ultimately we will end up with the kind of Supreme Court Justice that we deserve. I hope.

Benjamin Woodward

I've always wanted to see the best that Canada has to offer. Looks like it may be time to see what sort of hotels Niagara Falls has to offer and head on up there.

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