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We go gaga for Roy Black. But, sadly, the show is a waste. It was so disappointing to so quickly identify the the Trump formula.


I enjoy watching it just to see how terrible the contestants are. My law school trial ad class featured better performances, and we didn't even have the shiny briefcases.


mobar: You have a point. The show definitely has some unintentional comic value.


It may be a train wreck, but it will be a train wreck that the public will tune in to watch every week.


Lawgirl: No doubt that's a possibility. In fact, now that I think about it, a show that featured nothing but train wrecks would make the producers a billion dollars. Who wouldn't want to watch a train wreck?

On further reflection, I chose a bad metaphor.


There were quite a few shows about train wrecks, car wrecks, and the like a few years back. Most of 'em ran on Fox, natch. I believe they were called something to the effect of The World's Scariest Crashes or somesuch. My friends and I watched them religiously. Heck, you can catch reruns of The World's Wildest Police Videos on Spike TV if your cable/satellite provider carries it, and it's very nearly a sure thing that you'll catch at least one very spectacular car wreck, some of them involving trains, per episode.

Back in my drinking days, my friends and I had a drinking game for that show - every time the host, Sherriff John Bunnell, said some variation on "Miraculously, no one was hurt," we did a shot. For those of you familiar with the show, it should be quite apparent just how hammered you could get on a single episode.

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