How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Well done Stan. I like your posts, and find your detractors overzealous.


As always, another great post. The highlight of my week.
Love, your wife

Eh Nonymous

Wow! There's a Mrs. Stan?

That amazing revelation aside,

Stan: thank you for this post. It's been the most human and humane left. Buy Fred a drink for me, and I'll buy you one should we ever meet.

As always, thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and the homeless and the injured.

To momentarily hijack the comment thread, has everyone read about the horrific disaster on the Tigris that happened at about the same time? Northwards of 600 people crushed, drowned, or suffocated when a massive crowd of pilgrims were panicked by rumors of a man wearing a suicide bomb belt? It was a gigantic loss of life, larger at the time than the reported toll from Katrina, although presumably with less property damage. As if property and the hit our economy could take compares with the loss of human life, even if it is in the Middle East, in an arab country, in Iraq.

My thoughts, again, go to the survivors, the injured, and those who have lost others.

Eh Nonymous

"left"? Why did I write "left"? I mean "yet." Weird.


Wow. I hope Stan's story is a huge exaggeration. If not, the partner in this story is a brainless twit. Somebody ought to slap him.

mythago _

I have heard that law is one of the few professions where certain mental disorders (narcissism, sociopathic personality) are actually assets to advancement, and this seems to provide evidence for that theory.

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