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Eh Nonymous

I saw, congratulations on being misquoted.

The article looks a lot like the original entry for "blawg" on wikipedia, which has been edited down and tightened by repeated editings. That is to say, it looks like what I wrote - which is not surprising, as we had the same assignment: write a content-free viewpointless brief piece on the word blawg, and mention the most important ones.

I must say, I was surprised by how few fact errors there were - yours is the only one I notice so far. The article looks like an extraordinarily ordinary piece of reporting - almost lazy, in fact. (Did they check with the blawgers they quote or describe - say by e-mail - to confirm that the article was accurate about them? Does the piece contribute anything new or surprising? Is there a reason to have a quote? Does anyone disagree with the consensus definition?)

That said, it was more "in-depth" than my brief wikipedia entry, now further shortened, and it's not like I'm habitually writing for a major periodical. I'm one of the pajama brigade.

Neil Wehneman

I had some "issues" (for lack of a better word) in my write-up too. I was interviewed during intro week, and I had just started the project. Hence, I didn't have much traffic. But now I'm pushing out a respectable amount of traffic (thanks in part to you Evan!) It would have been nice if Mr. Glater had updated that fact, but I don't overly fault him for that.

He also really glossed over the fact that I'm doing audio. I have very little written text on the site itself. But I also see how putting that fact in could water down his subject matter.

Oh, well. All in all I still appreciate the press and the linkage.

- Neil


I saw that also. Congrats on being mentioned, even though there were mistakes!


You should be thrilled with the mistake, because many more people read the corrections column than the tech page. Anybody can get mentioned in the Times--why, the Times once quoted me about whether my university should serve pork in one of its two cafeterias. But it takes a special individual whose life is complex enough to merit a correction.

David Giacalone

Evan, Sorry for the double TrackBack -- there was a delay with the auto ping, so I thought I needed to do it manually.

You're right that you have a national scope -- and, you don't discuss cases all that much. It can't be bad having Ohioans surfing over to check you out. I must confess that a lot of Eastcoasters think of the MidWest as one big blur.

Just make sure Ohio Bar Counsel doesn't try to discipline you for UPL.

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