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I think that you have your priorities in order. Your son was cute as a tiny lawyer, but he is utterly adorable as the pumpkin. He looks happier in his pumpkin costume, too.



How fast a year goes by! I wouldn't have believed that it has been a year since you took the first picture if each post didn't contain a date.


JR: Yes, another year. You bring to mind that Donald Hall poem, "My Son, My Executioner"--

My son, my executioner,
I take you in my arms
quiet and small and just astir
and whom my body warms.

Sweet death, small son,
our instrument of immortality,
your cries and hunger
document our bodily decay.

We twenty-five and twenty-two
who seemed to live forever
observe enduring life in you
and start to die together.

That's what it's like to be a parent! (Well, partly what it's like, anyway.)

Zoe Schaeffer

Thats my little brother!!! Isn't he soooo cute? He didn't get to go trick-or-treating with me cause it was raining.(Stuped rain.) My older sister, Lydia, wanted to go trick-or-treating with him so she could get his candy. Right now it's 11:40pm and my dad (Evan), Lydia, Andrea my step mom,and Sam are all in Chicago. My brother, Austin, my mom, and I are all at our house with our cousins.

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