How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Evan - Great PodCast as always. I unfortunately didn't listen to your podcast before doing my podcast yesterday. If I had I would have advised all want-to-be Law Students to listen to the Legal Underground PodCast #43. I will be sure to mention it next week.

I must admit after listening to John Carey (Not John Kerry) I am a little worried since I do not consider myself a good writer. I get by at best. It is something that I am determined to change. It was also concerning to hear, yet again, another lawyer advising students not to go to Law School. If they don't go to Law School they will end up in B-School and is that any better? I am in a slightly different boat probably than most Law Students, or at least some how I feel that my situation is distinguishable from others. Although, I might just be fooling myself. I suppose if I finish Law School and nothing fits my style I will continue to be a Consultant in the IS industry. I enjoy Law School for the most part and I do think it is strengthening my critical thinking skills, which can only be a benefit.

Daryl (http://www.lawschoolpodcast.com)


Daryl: John also said, as I recall, that if he had to do it over again, he'd go to law school again. He said he thought his law career had been very rewarding. There are always exceptions.


Thanks Evan. I guess I must be having a hard time seeing the bright side of things as I prepare for Exams.

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