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Hopefully it reacts to spilled drinks better than my $5 keyboard does.


Good point. I wonder if it includes a port for an external keyboard.... ;-)

If you are doing a lot of presentations, where you plug your computer into a monitor or projector without any real need for a built-in screen, that unit may suit your needs quite well. (For presentations backed up by PowerPoint, though, it is nice to be able to see the display on your notebook computer so you don't have to keep "shoulder-checking" to see what is on the screen.)

Sat Am

Awww come on, forget the kebyboard! I strolled on this website hoping to read something about this (copied from the Record). Even you have to admit that this guy is the biggest loser ever?! Is he still trying to sue everyone who called him names? Whatever happened with that?

"5th Appellate Court Judge Gordon Maag not only lost his bid for Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday, he lost retention to the appeals bench.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting in the 37 counties of the 5th Judicial District, Maag only received 55 percent "yes" votes. He needed 60 percent to keep his position.

Vote totals are:
Yes: 281,103
No: 227,762

He is the first appellate judge in Illinois to lose retention since voters were given the authority to make the call in 1964. His term expires Dec. 6.

The Illinois Supreme Court will appoint Maag's successor to serve until the General Election 2006.

Christopher King

Whoops, sorry I posted this to wrong comment earlier. Anyway, good question from the $5 keyboard person, right?


It's pretty slick, Evan. But if you want really slick technology, check out what I vow to do in the last line of this Daily Kos post:


Peace out, my brother. Peace out.


It's pretty slick, Evan. But if you want really slick technology, check out what I vow to do in the last line of this Daily Kos post

Leave it to King to turn any post into an opportunity to leave comment spam!

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