How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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When Esmerelda brought Judge Miller his morning coffee and saw him sitting there in a blue shirt (short-sleeved) and a plaid tie (clip-on)

This is very funny, and does illustrate how robes add to a judge's credibility. Related story: My friend and I were doing military exercises with some older Army officers. The officers were great soldiers, and we respected them. Later, we were invited out for a few drinks.

The officers came in civilian clothes. They looked like total dorks. My friend and I later agreed that we wished we had never seen these officers in civilian clothing, as we can't view them the same way as when we had only seen them in uniform.

David Giacalone

That's why I haven't met any webloggers in person. I'd hate to be disappointed.


David: If you ever met me, you wouldn't be disappointed. I am every bit as boring and dorky in real life as I am on my blawg.


Totally hilarious. Though it may not make it to Hollywood, it's definitely worthy of its own reality show.

On another note, I just wanna say, as evidenced by the comments to this entry, some lawyers really need a better sense of humor. No offense, but, what gives.


Do federal judges even have sex?

I promise that if you successfully support an Article III nomination for me, I'll report back within 30 days of my investiture.

I also find the irony of Marie's comment on humorlessness humorous, but that's neither here nor there.

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