How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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3L Epiphany

Thanks very much for the write-up, Evan!

I did want to add, in case your readers think I'm some sort of nut, that I added this caveat in a later post (which you also link to):

"One way of naming these categories is to use the Greek and Latin prefixes. A few of these names may be appealing, i.e. “pentablog,” but many are convoluted and perhaps even absurd, i.e. “triskaidecablog.” I will confess that those suggestions were meant slightly tongue-in-cheek....Scientific-sounding prefixes may not be the best way to do it, but neither is dividing blogs up into “solo” or “group” as if that were the only necessary distinction."

When I work on my actual taxonomy, I won't be using these Greek names or categories. I will be dividing them up in to small, medium, and large group blogs according to the number of contributors.


3L Epiphany: Well said.


Evan the uni-blogger. I like that.

the mokester

Great! Just what we need! pentakaidecablog - a soon to be attorney inventing another long word to use in ..ahem ... everyday life.

Please permit me if I never utter that word ... evah!

Steve Bainbridge

Bow tie? Thick glasses? Do you think us academic lawyers all look like George Will? Some of us don't even own a bow tie, after all.

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