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Merck should declare bankruptcy and cease operations, or stop selling medications in the US altogether.


I note that Ted Frank has now taken to attacking the judge's credibility on Point of Law. Looks like no attack, regardless of factual basis or the lack thereof, will go unused from here on out.


I noted the factual basis on Point of Law. Matt's lack of refutation is telling.

Jami Rubin, a Morgan Stanley analyst who has no axe to grind, also noted the bias Higbee showed at trial. "In a research note, she predicted the punitive award -- and any state criminal probe -- would be overturned on appeal because the case 'makes a mockery of the whole jury system.'"


Ted, between keeping track of the excesses of the American legal system by reading the cases you post from around the world at Overlawyered, how am I supposed to keep up with everything you're also doing on Point of Law? And now I have to also keep track of stock analysts' interpretation of cases? I hope your clients pay you well for your PR work, because you clearly do a lot of it.

Perhaps if you could just pare it down to one site where we can all be outraged.


Oops, my mistake, I was replying to the wrong comment. See what all this outrage has done to me, Ted? I'm as confused as a hapless judge who made the grave mistake of issuing a ruling against a corporate defendant.

You have no factual basis for your claim, or implication, that she is biased against Merck because she at one time represented med mal plaintiffs. Given that you would disagree with someone who might suggest you are biased given your past representation of pharmaceuticals (including, I believe, Merck itself), this concept should not be difficult to grasp.

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