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Eh Nonymous

Evan wrote that

the idea that class action lawyers can make easy money by filing extortionist contract actions in federal court is just plain wrong

But... but... but Evan! What about the Secret Local Rule 11 in the Judicial Hellholes? The one that says that although pleadings, motions and other papers filed for an improper purpose such as harassment or needlessly increasing the cost of litigation is SANCTIONABLE, even if the claims have evidentiary support ....

(that's my reading of Fed R Civ P 11(b) - the AND between (b)(3) and (4) means an improper purpose OR lack of support for contentions and allegations, or failing either of the other two prongs, mean you violate subdivision (b))

... despite all that, SLR 11 nevertheless encourages (nay, mandates!)plaintiffs' class action counsel to file as many frivolous cases as possible, without fear of 11(c) sanctions?


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