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Perhaps it is time to start referring to IC Hellholes - jurisdictions where the judicial system is under undue control of insurance companies. Definitionally, we could define any hellhole which is not a Jud... oops - don't want to violate a trademark... well, a hellhole-that-shall-not-be-named, could be defined as an IC Hellhole. (Not to mention, an "Icy Hellhole" seems more memborable than the other kind.)

Let's make that "IC Hellhole (TM)".


I just love that TM stuff. Reading the ATRA press release with the ® symbol insterted in the quotes is priceless. Just remember not to misuse their trademark. Give it a try, and ATRA will haul you into a judicial hellhole so fast it will make your head spin!

Charles Wetherall

How nice to see an attorney (al all people) laud the efforts of anyone or any organization that exposes some of the slime that pass themselves off as legitimate members of the legal profession (is that an oxymoron?). Someone should have blown the whistle on this guy years ago. Ditto for the sleaze at Milberg Weiss et. al. I just read (http://www.cheattowin.net/cheaters-corner/) another blog that takes on those cheats quite handily. This blogger's not an attorney---but maybe he should be one. The legal profession needs a few more people who know the difference between honest, and dishonest cheating.

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