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Meanwhile, I wonder why ATLA doesn't make these articles generally available to the public.

Because it charges for membership and the subscription goes with it. I guess it could go to a subscription model, or release articles for free after a certain period of time.

Lex Aquila

Forget about ATLA "charging" for subscriptions as a sound reason. Point is that there are only a couple good persuasive purposes to the articles in this issue: (1) to convince others; and or (2) to provide the tools and weaponry to members (readers) to convince others. As far as providing the tools of persuasion to members goes, this is fairly well served by keeping the online articles subscription only. As far as the main purpose, to convince others, I think this makes no sense. If it's really just about making more money, they should find another way. The suggestion above of time-lagging the release online is a good one, but they'd have to study if subscribers would drop if they could get it 3 days later for free. Not clear how to deal with this, but Evan is right on about this being a bit asinine.


I didn't say it was a stellar reason. I said that's probably why they didn't make those articles available. I rather doubt that it's meant to be 'condescending'.

You can e-mail the staff of Trial at trial@atlahq.com to tell them you think these articles should be publicly available. You can also get a slightly crankier version of one of the articles at the author's blog.

Jean Hellwege

We (the editors at TRIAL) hear you! The theme articles for the July issue are now available to the public.

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