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Eh Nonymous

Sneaky of you, Evan. Yang doesn't just mean sunny. It means hard - and not necessarily in a good way. Ever deal with someone too obnoxious, aggressive, and hot-headed to deal with? (I could analyze it using the Traditional Five Elements, too - that'd be earth, air, fire, water, and wood - but won't.) They're too yang.

Yin doesn't mean dark or sinister - not the way you suggested it does.

Ever meet someone so meek, so mild, so accommodating that they left almost no impression on you? Too much yin.

Your admiration for Tort DeForm has little to do with their Yang-ness, and your objections to Tort Re-Form has little to do with how Yin it is.

Still, a nice try at a potent metaphor.

Also, thanks for pointing out the blogs, one policy-oriented, the other results-oriented.


As documented on Overlawyered, Texas Shark Watch Blog is done by Texas Shark Watch, which has an about page. Hardly in the shadows.

Speaking of shadows, it's fascinating how DMI's blogger Cyrus Dugger calls himself a "Senior Fellow." It was just four months ago that he was named the Milberg Weiss Legal Fellow. Is he ashamed of his official title? Did the Milberg Weiss check bounce and they couldn't get a fistful of cash from the credenza to cover it?


Eh Nonymous: Are you saying that Wikipedia is wrong? That would be hard to stomach.

Ted: You might be documenting it on Overlawyered, but the Texas Shark Watch weblog doesn't have an about page or any other information about its publisher that I could find on the blog itself. Hence, "in the shadows."


The omission of an "about" page reflects bad web design rather than something sinister, because several posts discuss the Texas Shark Watch organization.

The Law Fairy

Evan, actually the wikipedia page itself decries the notion that yin is somehow "bad" or "sinister." It's a western notion, not an eastern one, that one half of two opposites must be "better" than the other. Also very western (though the east doesn't escape chastisement on this count) to consider the masculine "superior" to the feminine. Hmmm...


Law Fairy: Thanks to your comment and the one from Eh Nonymous, I stand corrected. I'm now on the hunt for new metaphors. Stay tuned.

Cyrus Dugger

Wow Ted, you are everywhere. Same party line again and again. Sigh....

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