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Christopher King

Thanks Evan,

I'll give this a listen. A favorite method of mine in Depositions is to ask a broad question (i.e. "tell me everything you remember about.....") and then let them wander a bit. As they wander in their answer, you can tell what it is that reall irks them. Once you know that, you pick on it -- especially if you've got someone hot under the collar, as 92% of Deponents get -- and they say something stupid.

In my case when I deposed Jaffrey NH Police Chief Dunn it was all too easy, and produced a Deposition that included him laughing at a hate letter that indicated I would be gang-raped in Prison. It was so full of what I will now call "Dunn-isms" that they had to be forced to produce it in the criminal court after they had obtained a continuance in my criminal trial for Attempted Felony Extortion as retributive lashout when I had the nerve to send a Demand Letter about the black man who faced the 3 drawn guns and a body cavity search. Dunn's termination for cause was recently upheld, and Prosecutor Albrecht resigned under an ethics investigation, BTW. I have the documents to prove that. Quel irony, non? The government that brings ethics charges on fails to even bring them to trial, but they both leave office amidst ethics charges themselves.

I will practice again, Evan. And when I do I will be even deadlier than I was before, because next time I will be with a firm and courts will not run roughshod over me as they did on prior occasion.

And speaking of not running roughshod, it appears that the other half of the Chief Dunn fiasco -- the Unauthorized Practice of Law nonsense -- is just about over as well, as I just told Crime and Federalism:


NH AG Kelly Ayotte has offered me a settlement which is basically a status quo arrangement that says "thou shalt not misrepresent himself as an attorney."

As I note in this post:


Hell I never HAVE misrepresented myself as a LICENSED attorney, so we may have a small war of words but it should settle soon -- if the court doesn't throw it out sooner based on my Motions for Summary and Default Judgment and Request for Judicial Notice that Chief Dunn's termination for Cause was affirmed by Superior Court Judge (and former AG) John P. Arnold -- the same Judge who presided over my criminal case and tried to hang me high; put the Fear of God in me.


Honestly, as I say in the notes section:

"What an abuse of the public trust, and what a tremendous waste of taxpayer money, my time and my money this whole venture was.

If Chief Dunn and Counselors Albrecht and Ayotte had taken the time to listen to me nearly two (2) whole years ago about the law and what the NAACP is authorized to do, and the measures that I took to keep the NAACP informed of my actions in the Willie Toney police abuse matter, none of this would have happened.

One must ponder what happens to little people without good legal minds or training, or solid criminal defense attorneys?

Short answer: They get records, that's what happens to them.

I ain't havin' it.


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