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Gavin Whenman

That's a complete lift of the lyrics to a Weird Al song, "I'll Sue Ya".
A copy of the lyrics is available here: http://www.com-www.com/weirdal/illsueya.html


Gavin: You're right. Yet another reason to sue. Except now, I'm going to be getting sued.

I thought that paragraph seemed a cut above some of the other content on Uncyclopedia. Now I know why.

Meanwhile, I clearly need to brush up on my Weird Al. I promise nothing of this sort will happen again.

Mark Lyon

Weird Al warned the world that he'd sue you for any number of minor transgressions with those lyrics. I'm fairly certain that reproducing them both here and at the unenecyclopedia will bring him to the point of filing.

Even worse infringement (Are there levels of copyright infringement? Is one type of infringement worse than the other?) of the same work can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKq5d3q8TLU

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