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If the number of lawyers is growing faster than the general population, and new lawyers skew young, then shouldn't the percentage of old lawyers be falling?

This argument could/should apply to any number of professions. Who wants to take a chance with a 70 year old surgeon? Or pilot? Or President?

David Giacalone

Good question, Jeff. The demographers say the number of lawyers over 50 will triple in the next two decades. There was a huge explosion of the profession in the years when the immense Baby Boom generation was of law school age (and when going to law school was the default position for many college grads). The Boomers (and those in the prior generation) are staying in practice longer and longer -- both because they want to be active and because they cannot afford to retire (due to poor financial planning). In addition to other materials in the Graying of the Bar posting, see the profession's growth cannot overcome the bulge of Boomers and the widespread delay in retiring. See this report from Ontario on the Changing Face of the Bar for numbers and explanation.

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