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A excellent visual review and walking tour about Buenos Aires. the next time, you should visit the Buenos Aires zoo, it is ideal for kids. Congratulations about post !


Guuuuaaau! Too Nice beatifuls pictures! just a thing, Puerto Madera isn't. It says Puerto madero =). Facultad de derecha is Facultad de derecho =). I'm living in Bs.As and i liked so much to read your post. Greetings =).


braian: Thanks, I made the changes you suggested.


Thanks, it's given me a much better idea of what Buenos looks like.

Account Deleted

I’ve been to Buenos Aires and I can tell you that people in Argentina is unique. The mixture of cultures makes Argentina such a perfect country. Palermo can be a little posh, but I stayed in an apartment in Palermo which was near the down town so it worked for me.
I hope I can go back, I miss Tango!

Nicolas Ricciardi

Evan, I am an Argentine attorney, working at a mid-sized law firm located in the Retiro neighbour. I like your blog very much (in fact I am suscribed via Google Reader). So I happen to know about your travel to argentina. If you are still around, feel free to contact me in case you need anything. I sincerely hope you enjoy your staying here, and it seems from your pictures that you in fact are already doing so !



I love that you were there for a month with your young kid. I too am going with my 5 year old, only differeance- I am a single mom, hope I find it as safe as you have! Have you anymore tips on BA with kids???

Account Deleted

I am currently in Buenos Aires. This blog gave me good suggestions. Thank you!!!

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