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David Giacalone

Many legal secretaries and other assistants have long used this approach -- by knowing how to remedy paper jams and toner problems at the office copy machine. Unfortunately, they seem to be rewarded with neither respect nor re$pect.



How true. I would have been helpless without the secretaries at the firm I clerked at. I remember the day I needed to mail a lengthy deposition to several individuals. It bothered me to make all those copies - what a waste of money! A secretary taught me how to shrink four pages to fit on one page. (Many depositions I have seen were already in that form. I don't know if that is a custom of some deposition companies, or if it is something one has to request. If someone would share an answer with me on that, I would appreciate it). The secretary's knowledge and skill saved the firm and the client money. It was also good for me - I now know how to do this too.


JR: I know the answer to that one. The 4-pages-on-1-page deposition transcript might be customary with some court-reporting firms, but usually you have to request it. Most people call it a "scrunch" or "minuscript" copy. The best thing about it is the word index at the end.


The Machiavellian lawyer prints blawg posts so that his senior partner can preview printed copies, rather than provide a username, password and admin status to the partner, which would devalue his currency as the technology guru in the firm by empowering her to know just how easy it is to blog.


Nic: Huh? The Machiavellian Lawyer doesn't blog--he's way too busy being machiavellian.

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