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That's pretty cool... I have a wonderful Fender P-Bass ('58) myself, been carting it around from home to home since I saved up to buy it in high school. I'll never sell it, rock star or not.

Rain Man

Excellent. I still have an electric guitar that I bought second-hand when I was in college. An Ovation Deacon. I think it was the only solid-body guitar that Ovation made back then. I stopped playing around the time I started law school (night student with day job -- no time for life). Probably just as well, as I have very little musical talent.

Maybe it's not too late to get back into it. I've read that T-Model Ford didn't learn to play guitar until he was 58.


i have a 72 fender telecaster custom. you might remember it from such rock concerts as The Rolling Stones - Still Life (where Keith Richards used it as a weapon to batter a crazed fan) and Rich Robinson off the '95 Horde tour.

i know what you are saying. it's good to rock sometimes.


I'm another lawyer who had rock star fantasies. In '67 I managed to pick up a used Gibson Les Paul junior (later called the SG model - cherry red woodgrain with double cut away) for $35. It got me through several bands in junior high and high school. My son keeps it in his room now, but I still claim it's mine.

Tony Gorski


Starting on Thanksgiving, at 5 PM (E.S.T.) I will be auctioning off my authentic 1956 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior with its original GA-7 Amplifier, Original Alligator Case and Original Sales Receipt. If interested go to:
to view the pre-auction description, history of this set and view the photos. On Thankgiving, go to the bottom of that page and click on the "View my other auctions here!" link to find the auction. Any questions please email me at "sgtbobvila@ameritech.net".

Gene Levine

Does anyone know how the switches and pots on a Jaguar work?


I bought my Fender Jaguar when I was a high-school junior, after having played guitar since second grade. That was in 1980. It was years before the grunge rockers "rediscovered" the Fender Jaguar. But its unpopularity didn't matter to me. It didn't matter that my friends gave my guitar funny looks and asked me why I hadn't bought a Les Paul or a Stratocaster. I liked it and it sounded good, even if I wasn't a virtuoso.

Evan, your friends weren't looking funny at the guitar. You were quite the 1965 model, yourself, in 1980.

Karl Lucas

Right on, Ive got a '65 Jaguar myself. I payed a bit more than you did but they go for a lot more though so I dont feel too bad. God I love it, get it going with a little reverb and Im gone. I think Im gonna be buried with it.


I like those guitars. They are pretty.

When you were in high school, wasn't Elvis Costello at the height of his popularity (during which time he was frequently pictured playing a jazzmaster)?

Other notable Jaguar/Jazzmaster players prior to 1980 include Jonathan Richman and Tom Verlaine.

dustin thomas

I love the jaguar so much beacause it was kurt cobains guitar and as a kid i looked up to him.


is there any chance to get a scan of the "electric guitar course" book for use on my Jag/JM tribute webpage? (see link)
that would be great! :-)
rock on


aye, and if it's not too much trouble, you could send them to me as well. so that i don't have to steal them off that man there (;

Rick Spalding

Ya know....I bought a 66 Jag when in highschool. Carried it completely around the world in the navy got good on it and got to play as lead -in with Fats Domino at the Jersey Shore. Got married and (unbelieveably!!!) sold it to pay the rent frinish college and have a child. Went 20 years crying the blues that I sold it.(And I do mean CRYING!)I paid $275 for it at 8th Street Music in South Philadelphia. Now it's 35 years later and I have re-purchased a 66 AMERICAN Made Jag (are there any others???)exactly like the one I lost (I say lost cause I feel like I really was stupid) Paid $1500 for this one and it's worth every damn penny. Now I'm back and playing in an orchestra. It'sot as fun as a club group but still a ball..........Hope everyone that has one doesn't make the stupid mistake I did.....Rock ON!

Steve Berk

When I was in Jr. High in Hollywood, in 1966, I couldn't afford the Fender Jaguar, it was Leo's top of the line, most expensive. I did get a nice Mustang, white with red pickguard. Never played professionally, just a hacker. I'm one of those that saw the cover of The Ventures album and decided, "I want one."

10 years ago, at age 47, I found a beautiful '65 Jag. Bought it, still have it, will never let it go. I love it. I don't play like I used to, having had a stroke rendering the left had a little less than normal, but I can still do a kick ass job on Walk, Don't Run and Pipeline. I play it through a vintage '64 Princeton Reverb which I recently acquired from my best friend who bought in new and was anal about the way he cared for it. Not one speck of dust on the amp, completely original, unbelieveable...and he GAVE it to me because he has Bell's Palsy and paralysis in his left hand and can't play. Now, is that a best friend or what? So now I have two Princeton Reverbs, the vintage and a 68 Silverface. Couldn't afford those back in '66 either, got a Deluxe-non reverb.
Leo, I love you, rest in peace my friend.

Steve Berk
Houston, Texas


I purchased my 66 sunburst finish jag along with a 64 fender reverb amp in 68, from a local band, not knowing much about fender guitars .now, 40 years later i still have it and the hard case, have cuntemplated selling it since it is rated class c as a collectable. I just changed my mind after reading the postings on your site. I paid $125.00 then for the guitar, in pristine condition, don't play much anymore, it's been in it's case since 72, look at it every so often, may start playing again.

Steve Busby

I've been lucky enough to have several of these beauties in my collection over the last 30 years, although must admit to selling them in harder times. More recently, I tried out a Ventures VM100 SB and was surprised to find how well it compared to the Jag for build quality and sound; of course it's not the real mccoy but it's also not $1500+.

Robert Nukolczak

I bought a used Jag back in the early 80's. Although I am a drummer (and now bass player), I always loved the look/sound/playability of Jag's. My Jr /Sr High band mates had Jag's so that's what I learned to play on.

Unfortunately, the one I bought had some sort of neck issue which made it unplayable. I displayed it in my living room for about a year then sold it. Running into my old band mates years later they disclosed they sold theirs at yard sales for $75. I may get a Jag bass though!

carl sankus

I'm not a lawyer but I bought a 66 Jaguar from my music teacher $350. I was working ina drugstore for about $1.20 an hour.Candy apple red with built in mute (very rare I think). A few weeks later he sold me a Twin Reverb-same price. Loved it since. Played in a couple of bands and some open mike nights. Still looks and plays great. Only recently bought another guitar because I liked the Les Paul looks. Will leave it to my kids when I'm gone.

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