How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Damn, brunettes just get no love!

Great Disclaimer BTW :)

Hugh Hyatt

Nice. Thank you!

The Bull

Blatant Bias against Brunettes! Reprehensible! I feel so oppressed. Class Action!!!


I know a great civil rights attorney ;) heheh

David Giacalone

Ev (can I call you "Ev"), I'm pleased to have nudged you into producing this lucid and thorough Disclaimer. Getting you riled and/or penitent is quite rewarding.

I wish I had the energy to come up with a such a complete list of my own personal biases. However, the first scan of my memory bank has turned up no examples of bias (except for a rather pronounced distrust of many of my legal colleagues).

Can we get serious for a moment: Below is a definition of "disclaimer" from a typical legal dictionary. It's a telling Commentary on Our Times that the word "disclaimer" is virtually always used in the second meaning now, and not the primary legal meaning it had for centuries:

DISCLAIMER: (1) A refusal or renunciation of a claim or right. (2) A refusal or denial of responsibility for a claim or an act. (3) The written clause or document that sets out the disclaimer.

Okay, back to silliness: Jenna, don't despair. Evan did not totally preclude brunettes, he merely stated a preference for blondes. (I'm just guessing that his Partner-in-Chief is blonde.) And, I bet bottle blondes will do in a pinch.


As a blonde, I must salute you on your candor, discretion, and good taste yet again.


I tried the blonde thing once and think the end result was a cross between a blonde sandra bullock and kurt cobain.

...Can't win them all ;)


This blawg is beginning to remind me of my mother in law's hair salon.

David, you can call me "Ev" if you want; my friends used to do that in high school. However, since I'd rather not completely resurrect the nickname, permission is granted only to you. Use the privilege wisely!

The Bull

If we work it right, we might be able to get 16 cents a head. We could get them to initiate an affirmative action law stating that there must be a representative number of brunettes found attractive. The inherent bias requires that all men state that we are just as hot as the blondes and they must whistle and catcall the number of brunettes equivalent to that which is proportionate to the population. We can start a movement, "I'm Down with Brown" or something like that. Have your people call my people. It'll be huge! See what you have started, Evan?


you are a journalist. deal.
a recent case of mine, majors v abell, features posner on disclaimers.
aside to bull: discrimination on the basis of color, yes, but no state action, and i'm not sure a blog is a public accomodation.

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